Photo LinkedIn et corporate

Corporate photography is a very specific type of shooting. Whether it’s a corporate portrait or a LinkedIn profile photo shoot, you’ve probably already been faced with disappointing results. For some years now, recruitment has mainly been done on online tools such as professional social networks. Therefore, you can’t miss out.
If you have an effective and attractive picture on LinkedIn you will have a much better chance of being spotted by potential recruiters.
Presenting a good profile is all about sharing an honest view of yourself. In addition to being well composed, well lit, and of sufficient size, the profile photo should highlight your qualities.
A quality LinkedIn photo is an essential step in your professional online presence.
Learn to recognize the mistakes not to make.
We recommend reading this blog if:
You want to make your own LinkedIn profile photo and need advice on how to improve the quality of it.
You are based in Brussels and want to hire a professional photographer to make your profile picture.

Bannière LinkedIn sur le profil d'une femme professeur de yoga

Bannière LinkedIn : optimisez votre profil professionnel !

Votre photo de profil LinkedIn est excellente ? Comment optimiser davantage la performance de votre profil professionnel ? Misez sur la bannière LinkedIn ! Publier une photo de couverture réussie, c’est l’opportunité d’attirer l’attention et de vous démarquer.

Une femme pose durant une séance photo corporate

Portrait professionnel : la pose idéale pour une photo réussie.

Le succès de votre photo de profil corporate dépend de plusieurs facteurs. Parmi eux, l’expression du visage, la tenue, les couleurs ou encore l’arrière-plan. Subtile mais néanmoins déterminante, la manière de poser influence aussi l’impact du portrait professionnel. Trouvez la posture idéale pour faire de votre portrait d’entreprise un véritable atout.

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