Photo d’enfant et famille

Children photography, whether for portraits or family photo shoots, is a very specific kind of photography.
Therefore, if you know the codes, you will be well prepared to make beautiful images.

I am based in Brussels, where I work as a professional photographer, specialized in lifestyle child photography.
Over the years, I have learned many techniques that make photo sessions with children much more enjoyable.
Afterwards, I created this website which allowed me to share tips to help readers progress in their practice.

This blog is recommended if:
– You are a parent who wants to improve the quality of the photos you take of your children.
– You are a professional photographer looking to improve your results.

I hope you will learn something.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments!

D'anciennes photos de famille sont posées en vrac, les unes sur les autres

Pourquoi est-il si important d’imprimer ses photos ?

L’ère du numérique a profondément bouleversé nos habitudes en matière de photographie.
Face à la suprématie de l’image virtuelle se pose la question des tirages sur papier. Y a-t-il encore un avantage à imprimer ses photos et posséder une version papier de ces souvenirs ?

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