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Conference, tradeshow, networking events in Brussels

As a photographer specialising in photo documentary, I cover all types of corporate events in Brussels and in Belgium.
My photos are used by conference, team building or meeting organisers to communicate about their events.
If wedding photography remains the most popular in the event industry, covering professional events is a very important service in the corporate world.
Sharing these photos on professional social networks such as LinkedIn has become very important for corporate communication.
Professional photographers know how to capture moments and master the technical aspects to magnify the images from corporate events.

During a conference, the photographer must be both discreet and attentive to capture the different phases of the event without disturbing the participants.
At more relaxed business events such as an afterwork, the photographer will have to get in touch with the participants to be close to the action during shooting. Event photography is a photo documentary and the photographer aims to document the activities of the company with strong pictures.

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Picture of a brainstorming session taken by a professional photographer during a corporate event in Brussels


Picture made by a professional photographer of young professionals attending a corporate event in Brussels


A woman and a man interacting during a corporate afterwork event in Brussels

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Photographe d'event à Bruxelles, photo prise lors d'une soirée networking

Frequently asked questions

... about event photography

I photograph conferences, seminars, workshops, professional meetings, tradeshows and training courses in Belgium.
In a more relaxed way, I also photograph networking events, team building and afterworks.

I usually work with the available light without using flash.
This allows me to capture the atmosphere of the event without interrupting the participants.
Photography in natural light will always be more spontaneous than with a flash.
However, at networking events where the atmosphere is subdued, I use a flash to capture the event.

As a photographer, my style is more documentary, more photo documentary.
I capture the moment and do not ask people to pose.
However, it often happens that participants take advantage of my presence to ask me to take a photo with a colleague or friend. I always respond positively to these requests for souvenir photos between colleagues.

As the Belgian capital and the heart of the European institutions, Brussels is a great place for corporate events.
As a photographer based in Brussels since 2007, I offer my services to all companies, non-profit organisations and institutions.
It is therefore quite natural that I work mainly in Brussels, however, I am of course open to any kind of corporate event anywhere in Belgium.

Wedding photography is a speciality in itself.
I am an event photographer but not a wedding photographer.
However, on request, I sometimes shoot ceremony photos for clients who want to have a reportage using film photography.

All professional photographers will only deliver retouched images to their clients.
This means post-production to adjust the essential parameters of the photo, such as exposure and colorimetry.
The client will always have the guarantee that the pictures delivered will be the best version of themselves.

For an event taking place during the day, you should count 200 euros* for the first hour and 100 euros* for the next hours.
In the evening, these rates are increased.
Fees apply for travel outside Brussels.

*excluding VAT