Black and white photo of two children
Black and white portrait of a woman against a brick wall and the shadows of trees
Black and white photo of a child licking chocolate

My name is David Sdika

I am a professional photographer in Brussels

I have become a lifestyle portrait photographer to capture what cannot be captured : the ephemeral and the random.
The gestures of everyday life, the smiles, the tears, keeping a record of them before the testimonies of our human condition, of our life have disappeared forever.

As a photographer, but also as an introvert human being, I am driven to be attentive to emotions and people. My photographic work is therefore inseparable from who I am and what I believe in. It mixes contemplation and poetry, often neglected in an over-vitalized world, where never so many images have been produced… before being lost in the cloud.
Giving back its own value to the lived moment, cultivating a kind of craft, a search for authenticity.
I want to photograph more with my heart, less with my head.

Black and white photo of a child licking chocolate

I am a portrait photographer

Nothing moves me so much as discovering, years later, the photo of a loved one I have lost sight of. I instantly measure the weight of the years and rejoice in all the moments lived together.

The portrait, if it is sincere, is a window on the person being photographed.
Reading it awakens strong feelings, an accumulation of happy images that go round and round. Like a trigger that refreshes our deepest memory.

As a photographer, I can’t imagine doing anything else than portrait photos.

Children's portraits and family photos

My favourite subject is still childhood. The world of the little ones represents all the innocence that adults have lost.

Making a portrait of a child, is above all putting yourself at his or her level, literally and figuratively. It means returning, for the duration of a session, to the playground of our kindergarten.
When I take a photo of a child, I feel like a kid again.
I especially like to photograph children in their living environment, at home, within their family, in a lifestyle philosophy.

Corporate portrait

For a long time unloved, corporate photography, and LinkedIn headshot in particular, is an exciting challenge for professionals.

Making recruiters want to know more about you, in a few milliseconds, with a portrait photo is a subtle art. The image must represent you faithfully and highlight your temperament.
Showing a sincere portrait on LinkedIn is probably the best way to get started on the professional social network.

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Black and white photo of a mother and her daughter in Brussels
Black and white photo of two children in a painting workshop

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My photographic services are available to both individuals and professionals. Here is an overview.

Are you interested in my services?

  • Geoffroy Duchesne Avatar

    Un bonheur de travailler avec David! Super agréable! un gentil au talent fou! Ces photos sont sublimes! il sait mettre... Lire la suite

    Geoffroy Duchesne 29/05/2021
    Maxime DC Avatar

    Nous avons demandé à David d’être le photographe lors d’un événement sur Bruxelles. Je voulais quelqu’un de discret, sensible et... Lire la suite

    Maxime DC 06/03/2021
  • Sabrina Palmisano Avatar

    Quelle magnifique expérience !!! Laissez
    la magie de David opérer ! Je vous recommande vivement de faire appel à lui et...
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    Sabrina Palmisano 20/03/2021
    Laurie Dauba Avatar

    Si après vos recherches de photographe vous tombez sur le site de David Sdika, alors suivez votre instinct ! Les... Lire la suite

    Laurie Dauba 03/07/2021
  • bogdan-alexandru chelariu Avatar

    David's work is really amazing! There is a bit of nostalgia, timelessness and a very sophisticated simplicity in all of... Lire la suite

    bogdan-alexandru chelariu 03/02/2021
    Claudia Perpiglia Avatar

    Se faire photographier par David est une expérience unique: son empathie vous met à l'aise, il sait faire ressortir le... Lire la suite

    Claudia Perpiglia 18/04/2021
  • Michelle Leung Avatar

    Chouette moment avec quelqu'un de très professionnel qui a réussi à me mettre à l'aise devant l'objectif, moi qui les... Lire la suite

    Michelle Leung 17/05/2021

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