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LinkedIn professional photo shoot

Boost your online CV

LinkedIn has become a must-have professional network for job searches and networking.
Your LinkedIn picture will be the first thing a recruiter sees on your profile. Thus, this photo will give essential indications that will make your CV be viewed… or not. A LinkedIn profile with a headshot will get 21 times more views than an anonymous CV. Don’t miss out on a future job! Trust a professional portrait photographer to put all the chances on your side.
I’m a professional headshot photographer in Brussels, here is a description of the LinkedIn profile sessions I provide.

Headshot of an elegant man wearing a grey suit and a tie
Studio headshot picture of a brown hair woman

A professional shoot

I am a portrait photographer in Brussels and my job is to take photos that will enhance your LinkedIn profile.

The session takes place in a studio

I welcome you in my studio equipped with professional strobes in order to obtain consistent results in a comfortable environment.

1h-1h30 of shooting

Once you have chosen your outfit, the shooting starts at your own pace. The poses vary in order to obtain a maximum of propositions.

Flattering light

The use of studio strobes creates a soft, flattering light that will enhance your LinkedIn profile picture in both summer and winter.

Your photos delivered within 48 hours

After the shooting, you will be able to choose 3 to 6 photos that will be retouched and delivered in high definition on an online platform.

In-company session

Would you like to organise a session in your company or at your home? I can, if necessary, move with the studio strobes and all my equipment.

LinkedIn picture of a woman in Brussels
Corporate portrait of a man wearing a navy sweater
Portrait of a smiling woman made in studio on a dark background
LinkedIn profile photo of a red-haired woman on a grey background. This photo was taken in Brussels by a professional photographer
Portrait of an elegant man wearing a dark suit for a corporate photo shoot in Brussels

LinkedIn headshot photo shoot in Brussels.

your digital photos delivered within 48 hours

Frequently asked questions

... about LinkedIn profile pictures

LinkedIn is an essential platform in the professional life.
Employees wishing to develop their career, freelancers looking for prospects…
All professionals have good reasons to be visible on a corporate network like LinkedIn.
But the first thing you see on a profile is the headshot !

The numerous scientific studies on the subject are unanimous and perfectly logical.
The more engaging your picture is, the better the impression a recruiter will have of you, even before having read your CV and the description of your skills.
Subconsciously, they will have a positive (or negative) opinion of you.
If your headshot shows your dynamism and professionalism, you are more likely to have your CV read and shared.
If your LinkedIn headshot is a selfie taken in the bathroom or a picture from a party with friends, the message sent is likely to be disastrous.

A professional LinkedIn portrait will never replace your education, experience, or soft skills. However, a solid resume with a blurry portrait picture will probably not be as effective as it could be !
Images, still or moving, are everywhere in our contemporary culture.
Give yourself every chance to be in the spotlight, bet on your professional image by calling on a LinkedIn photographer in Brussels.

Anyone can, on occasion, take great pictures.
Sometimes it’s just luck of the draw, sometimes it’s a matter of having the right eye and the right timing.
The experienced photographer knows both the technique and the rules of composition.
He also knows how to get his model to pose in order to enhance his image during the corporate shoot.
In this way, he will reach the desired goal much more quickly and reliably than by groping around.
In short, he is a professional photographer !

Of course, the studio photographer knows the technical aspects.
He knows his camera, knows which focal length to use to obtain an optimal effect.
He also knows how to use artificial light, which is essential for creating perfect professional headshots. The studio equipment (flashes, softboxes, reflectors, plain background…) are all parameters that he masters.

If technique represents the foundation of a photographer’s know-how, the experienced photographer is best known for his or her ability to use this studio portrait technique to sublimate it.
Making a “successful” portrait is all about conveying emotion !
In the context of a LinkedIn profile headshot, the photographer seeks to evoke the dynamism and professionalism of the model.

Non-verbal communication is not taught at school.
The experienced corporate photographer knows how to read visuals, looks and smiles.
He will guide you to achieve your goal: a LinkedIn portrait photo that inspires confidence.

I am a craftsman, and I do not work on a production line.
Therefore, I have chosen to offer high quality services to those I photograph.
I never do more than one session per day in order to focus on my model and understand her/his expectations.
Moreover, the headshot photo shoots are never limited in time, nor in the number of photos taken.
What matters is to get a perfect result that will satisfy my client.

The session usually lasts between 1 hour in the studio, and 50 to 100 photos are taken on this occasion. If necessary, several poses and outfits are tested.
Never before has a session lasted 4 hours…
However, as long as THE picture is not taken, the photo shoot continues!

The reason why my photography services are premium is also because, rather than quantity, I bet on quality.
The ‘professional portrait’ pack contains 3 high definition portraits, all of which are subtly retouched.
I will never deliver raw images, straight from the camera.

So, in order to obtain a high quality service, I make sure that everything is geared towards a qualitative result.
This includes the attention paid to the client, the time spent taking the photos and the time spent retouching them.
If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it with passion and rigour.
This is my professional philosophy.

This philosophy does not prevent me from being attentive to all my clients’ requests.
So, for companies with a tight budget who want to call on me for a headshot of their employees, I offer a headshot package.
This is limited to a single portrait delivered at attractive rates.
The headshot shoot is quicker than the corporate portrait package and includes only one outfit per session.

Do you need a fresh headshot ?

professional portrait of a woman posing in a shirt, arms crossed, against a dark background

Shooting rates and options

A transparent pricing

You get a professional LinkedIn portrait, for a no-surprise fee. The photos can be freely used for your LinkedIn profile, your cv or your website. As an option, I can also travel with my studio equipment for a session in your company or at your home.

LinkedIn headshot session

180 € VAT excl.
  • Studio session in Brussels (Ixelles)
  • 30 min to 1 hour photo session
  • 50 to 100 photos taken during the shoot
  • 3 photos retouched and delivered
  • Delivery of high definition digital files


  • Travel in Belgium:
    on quotation.
  • Travel abroad
    on quotation