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Newborn and Baby Photographer in Brussels

Baby and newborn shooting at home

The very first memories

The birth of a baby brings about a real revolution at home. Young parents are overwhelmed with so many things to do, and the nights are short. Finding the time to take pictures of the baby and parents is often difficult, yet the baby grows and changes so quickly! Hiring a newborn photographer is necessary to keep a record of these rare moments. Here is the description of my baby photo sessions, at home with his parents.

Newborn Photographer

My speciality is human beings. I like to bring out the best in the people I photograph. Babies and older children alike.

Black and white photos

My cameras are from the 1950s. I still work with black & white film to produce beautiful, timeless images of your baby.

Shooting at home

During the first few weeks, the young parents do not often leave their nest. I therefore go there to photograph your baby in its living environment.

Baby with parents

The bond between the baby and its parents is essential. I never photograph the newborn alone, but always in contact with her/his parents, often in their arms.

Soft light

Babies have fragile eyes, and natural light is so much softer than flash. I therefore work using the light naturally present in the room.

Photographs made to last

I provide digital files and black and white paper prints to my clients. You have the beauty of film grain and the ease of sharing of digital.

Newborn and baby photographer at home

Unique and timeless black and white photos

FROM 470 euros

price incl. VAT, including travel within Brussels

Black and white photo of an baby sleeping in his parents' bed
Black and white photo of a mother holding her baby on a wooden rocking horse

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Black and white photo of a baby sleeping in a pram in the sun