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Family photoshoot at home

A unique experience

As the years go by, our family changes so quickly. We still take photos of our children on birthdays and holidays, posed photos. Everyone smiles… except for mum or dad who are behind the camera and never in the picture. What if you hired a professional photographer who can capture authentic moments in the life of your family?

Professional photos

I offer you my experience as a photographer and my sensible eye to make photos full of life of the whole family.

A unique experience

I use film cameras. They create beautiful and timeless images. The beauty of authentic black and white photography from the 1950s.

The session takes place at home

At home, in your garden, in the park… The photos are taken in a setting that gives each member of the family confidence in order to obtain natural and sincere results.

Pictures that look like you

The images I take are made in reportage conditions. This allows the personality and spontaneity of each individual to shine through.

Lit by the sun

I don’t use flash and shoot using natural light. This produces much more natural and soft images.

Best of both worlds

I provide digital images to my clients. You therefore have the quality of the film grain, its conservation over time and the ease of sharing of digital.

The Lifestyle family photo shoot, at home, with your children.

but also a black and white paper print.

FROM 470 euros

price incl. VAT, including travel in Brussels.

Séance photo de famille d'une maman et ses deux filles
Photo de famille en noir et blanc de deux soeurs qui jouent ensemble

Frequently asked questions

... about family photo shoots

You don’t have to wait for an event such as a wedding, birthday or the birth of a baby.
You can plan a family photo shoot with a photographer any time of the year.
The particularity of the family session is that it is shot at home, the photographer comes to your place.
This makes the photo shoot even easier to organise without waiting for a special occasion.

The lifestyle session at home is different from studio portraits as it is a ” documentary ” style photography.
The photographer captures the family life without interfering too much or making the children pose for a long time.
This is a more spontaneous type of photography, where the pleasure shared by the parents and their children is more important than the perfect mastery of the light.

I am an artisan photographer, working with film cameras from the 1950s. Specialising in black and white photography, I develop the films myself in my studio in Brussels. This long process is quite the opposite of taking a picture with a phone, quickly taken, quickly shared and then forgotten. I have therefore chosen to offer high quality services to those I photograph.
Since we were babies, our parents have photographed us and printed family photos to make albums. However, at the age of the smartphone photo, we don’t print our family memories enough. Arranging a photo shoot with a professional photographer allows us to take the time to make printed photos again, which will be our most precious memories. These photos can then be framed on the wall, put on our desk or kept in family photo albums.

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Black and white photo of two children playing together.

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