David Sdika

Corporate Portrait Photographer in Brussels

Corporate portrait session

Your company and your team in the spotlight

There are many reasons to hire a corporate portrait photographer.
Team portrait photos for the company’s website, corporate portrait to illustrate a manager’s interview in the media,…
Putting a face to the people with whom you interact remotely is essential.
If the portrait is good, it will give your visitors confidence, and by extension, benefit your business.
The more remote the customer-supplier relationship, the more important it is to maintain human contact. This is naturally done through photos in which the staff of the company are highlighted.
When a photographer comes to your premises to take corporate portraits of all employees, it also helps to bring the team together with a common goal.

Here is a description of the corporate portrait sessions I provide.

Professional corporate photographer

I am a corporate portrait photographer and my job is to take pictures that will make your employees stand out.

A real studio photo shoot

I move and install my studio equipped with professional strobes within your company’s premises.

Quick shooting if needed

I am used to guiding my models in order to achieve a result that suits you as quickly as possible.

Your files delivered in 48 hours

After the photo session, you can choose online which images will be retouched and delivered in high definition.

Professional portrait in Brussels of a woman wearing a black jumper
corporate portrait of a man in a grey suit, arms crossed and smiling

Corporate portrait photo session.

your company's showcase

Price of the corporate photo shoot

Affordable and sliding scale rates

Each corporate portrait session involves transporting and setting up a complete studio in your office. I work in Brussels and in the surrounding areas. The rates for the photo shoot and post-production are directly related to the number of people to be photographed. There are sliding scale rates, so depending on whether you are less than 5, between 6 and 14, between 15 and 49, and 50 or more, the unit costs vary widely. Do you have a specific request? Please do not hesitate to contact me to receive a quotation based on your wishes.

Do you need a corporate portrait ?

Who am I ?

Photographer for almost 25 years

As a corporate photographer in Brussels, my work consists of creating quality pictures for companies.
Highlighting my clients and the services they offer through photography has become my professional project.
Each shoot is different, it is the photographer’s eye and experience that make the difference.
Photographers who specialise in corporate communication know how to bring out the client’s best assets through pictures.
Some corporate photographers are specialising in event or architectural  projects, my speciality is portraits.

Corporate photography professional

I have built up my experience since 1999, assisting renowned photographers in Paris, then working on various corporate projects as a freelance photographer.
In France, then in Brussels, I have put my skills as a documentary photographer and especially the corporate portrait activity at the service of companies that have trusted me since then.
The portrait pictures I have taken have been used as communication tools, both on professional social networks such as LinkedIn and in various printed media.

I highlight my clients' corporate image

New project, new image, there are many reasons to highlight the activity of a company and those who work there.
Whether it’s a professional portrait for your LinkedIn profile or for an event ?
I am available for all your different corporate photo projects, in Brussels and everywhere in Belgium.