David Sdika

Black and white photo of a woman taking a nap with her two children
Black and white photo of a child sitting in a pushchair

Children and family lifestyle photography

Long before our daughters became my favourite models, I enjoyed photographing children and documenting the lives of the families around me.

I wasn’t a father yet, but photographing children just seemed more natural than adults, who are too often intimidated by the camera and the image they project of themselves.

I realised that children are absolutely fascinating to photograph and that the subject of family is of vital importance in our lives. What memories will we leave our children and grandchildren in 20 or 40 years? And then, what will happen to all the photos stored in our phones, quickly taken, quickly shared and often quickly forgotten?

Black and white photo of a girl with her grandmother

A precious testimony

My wish is to offer my clients the same photographs that I take of my own family.
These lifestyle photos show spontaneous and authentic moments of life, far from the cliché of posed photos on which one smiles nervously.
You can see the grin of one person, the playful smile of another and above all the love shared by all.

These memories are like us, they are unique.

How does it work in practice?

The sessions take place in your home or in a place where you feel confident, indoors or outdoors… but never in a studio.

Following your rhythm, I capture the moment, without flash or heavy equipment, trying to make myself forget as much as possible, in order to let the natural beauty blossom before me.

Black and white photo of two children on the beach
Black and white photo of a baby putting a wooden spoon in its mouth
Black and white photo of a baby putting a wooden spoon in its mouth

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