LinkedIn profile picture of an elegant man wearing a white shirt and a navy jacket
Studio headshot of a woman wearing a black jumper

Corporate photography and LinkedIn headshots

The professional portrait, or corporate headshot, is a category that has become very important with the widespread use of online platforms such as LinkedIn.

If you have a professional profile, it is essential to illustrate your CV with a headshot. This photo should be up-to-date and represent you honestly.

This means that your physical imperfections should not be highlighted, but should not be erased. Your portrait should above all emphasise your qualities and your dynamism.

If the portrait is well done, recruiters will be able to guess your qualities at first glance and will read your professional profile with all the more interest (LinkedIn profiles with a photo get 21x more views than anonymous CVs).

LinkedIn portrait of a young woman on a dark background

Corporate portrait codes

The purpose of any portrait is to highlight the person being photographed. However, the professional headshot is particular in that it is a highly codified type of portrait.

How to pose? What background to use? Should you smile? Many criteria have been listed by studies on the subject.

If you respect the codes, you are more likely to get an effective corporate portrait.

Call in a professional

Your professional future is an important matter.
So is having an online presence on LinkedIn, in a world where teleworking has become so important post-containment.

Put all the chances on your side, call on a photographer specialising in corporate headshots.

LinkedIn portrait of a cook posing in his chef's outfit
Professional headshot of a bespectacled man wearing a light-coloured shirt and a dark jacket
LinkedIn photo of a woman wearing glasses and a grey jumper

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