David Sdika

Black and white portrait of a woman in the mirror
Black and white photo of a girl with curly hair

Portrait Photography

Photographing strangers in the streets of Paris sharpened my view of the world around me.
Street photography taught me a lot about my relationship with others and about the need to make people the heart of my work.

To me, portrait photography is the result of this human-oriented approach, which I see as a real dialogue between two people.
My desire is to listen to the wishes of my models, to highlight their humanity, without erasing or smoothing out their imperfections.

To make portraits as if I was taking a photograph on the spot.
A face to face meeting without artifice.

Black and white photo of a woman getting into a car

Portrait is an encounter

Too often, we imagine the portrait as the search for a form of objective truth, like a mirror that would bring out the inner personality of the model.
I am convinced that the photographer is subjective and must resolutely take sides, be an actor as well as an observer!

Like painters, photographers put a little (sometimes a lot) of themselves into each image they produce. The result is never a neutral reflection, but a subtle mix between the image coming from the model and the photographer’s view of him/her.

The portrait is therefore above all the story of an encounter between two individuals, and this is precisely what makes me love the idea of capturing new portraits, following this thread that links us.

Black and white portrait of a sailor at the helm of a sailing boat
Black and white portrait of a woman on a station platform
Black and white portrait of a woman on a station platform

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